0 Restaurant - Priboy

With cordial hospitality, it welcomes its visitors and guests to enjoy the atmosphere of a slow-flowing breakfast, dinner or supper accompanied by a light-blowing sea breeze.

The menu based on the most popular dishes of European and Slavic cuisine, as well as obligatory grill and barbeque-menu will satisfy even the most demanding foodies. The best options of local cuisine are included as separate items. Special children positions are developed for the littlest visitors so that kids could eat deliciously and have fun.

Various tastes and culinary traditions are combined thanks to the chef’s skills and because meals are always cooked from high-quality products. Local seasonal fruit and vegetables are turned into exquisite culinary masterpieces in the master’s hands.

A peculiar atmosphere sets as an evening comes. The tables are arranged in a way to create a feeling of a crowded hall and privacy with your fellow-diners at the same time, with no hustle and other people’s eyes, just you and your guests. Every table is equipped with a comfortable soft sofa and broad cozy chairs with puffy cushions.

The interior is accomplished in light tones with soft golden illumination.

The main part is located on an open terrace overlooking golden sand and the sunny horizon where the sea merges with a smooth surface of the sky.

The main rule of the Priboy Beach hotel is that “The client is always right”. The guests are serviced on a very high level. The staff is always attentive and sensitive to visitors’ wishes and requests. The personnel will listen to all recommendations and propositions.

The most important peculiarity of all mentioned above are the sunsets. You are sitting on a comfortable swing with your favourite cocktail in your hand, and all space is filled with the sunset light. This is the reality! These are the moments you will be filled at our place for the whole year till the next summer with us, the Priboy hotel.

A great choice of dishes by chef cooked on your demand from fresh premium class products
Flawless service, individual approach to each visitor and high job performance turn the Priboy into true Mecca for tourists
Reservation and preliminary order of dishes over the phone for our guests and visitors
Wine chart is represented with the best samples of Georgian, Italian, Spanish, French vintage wines and champagnes to please any taste

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